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Welcome to the homepage of Orel Afomras, Owner of Viking Media, an expert in marketing solutions, and a specialist in sales-driven marketing.

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Orel Asformas

Orel Asformas is the owner and the creative force behind Viking Media, an expert in marketing solutions, and a specialist in sales-driven marketing.

Orel has made a name for himself as the ‘wonder kid’ of the digital marketing industry. His many years of experience in the field are a result of his work as an advisor and consultant for many marketing and media projects around the world - mainly in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Among the key players of the digital marketing industry, he is famed as the one who is always able to provide brilliant and cutting edge marketing ideas, for the purpose of increasing sales and gaining recognition. His expertise is in providing extra value to marketing niches that tend to be portrayed as unsexy, or even boring, and turning them into appealing venues.

During his many years of work in sales-driven marketing, Orel came to acknowledge that people tend to make decisions emotionally and only, later on, try to justify them with logic. According to Orel, “marketers spend way too much effort into trying to sell their product with a logical explanation.”

The once ‘wonder kid’ is now the ‘man for special missions’ you need, in order to sell your product. Thanks to the comprehensive work methods he has crafted through his many years of experience, and his ability to always provide the most cutting-edge sales-driven marketing solutions, Orel can lead any project he is escorting to clear success and public recognition, all thanks to his ability to think of the un-ordinary when everyone else just thinks boring.

I believe in unorthodox marketing. In these competitive times, you really need to deliver the “wow effect" in order to push your product. Do anything, the more bizarre your strategy is, the better

Orel Asformas

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