Orel Asformas

Orel Asformas established Viking Media In 2019

In 2019 Orel Asformas was able to unleash the full potential of his rich experience in digital marketing and creative solutions in the form of Viking Media

Orel Asformas was born in sunny Tel-Aviv, Israel, and during his teenage years, his parents moved to Netanya, a quiet city allocated on the shoreline of Israel. Since he was little, Orel has always been fascinated by the creative forces driving traditional marketing. He would sit in front of the TV or radio for hours - literally - amazed by the colorfulness that wrapped each of the products aimed to be sold to the masses.

During the last year of his B.A. studies in business administration, Orel started working in a company that was providing technological solutions and creative solutions for the Fintech industry. His superiors were highly impressed with his for the Fintech industry. His superiors were highly impressed with his performance at a very early stage, along with his ability to learn quickly and be alert to any error that might occur along the process. It is no surprise, hence, that Orel quickly found himself getting promoted to managing positions.

At the age of only 23, Orel decided it was time for his next challenge in life: passing on the expertise he had gained in the fields of digital marketing and creative. He traveled the world and trained different sales teams in various countries and regions, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Albania, and many more.

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